Activations  +  Coaching  

with  Shamanatrix Missy Galore

WISDOM FLUFF! The Ancient Egyptians knew

that to pass from death into glorious after life,

       one's heart could not weigh more than a feather. 

     what a powerful strategy to live by!      


           are you ready to make it so?!                 

                 let me help you grow + glow!               

we will : channel your heart song

                quantum fluff to clear what is stuck

                anchor your aspirations

                calibrate your bless state

I appreciate you

+ all the beauty that you are!!

Let me help you activate

your heart * star!

so you may live your best life yet ~*~

with love, joy, inner peace + self respect

I am grateful to be of service!


Individually or in groups,

Workshops + Galactivations available

Contact me for more information @

Connecting heart to heart,

we'll align with the heart of creation

to raise your vibration with love + light

clearing energies that are stuck

Fluffing your aura up.

Utilizing techniques including: Scaler Heart Connection, EFT + Heart Math, Ho'oponopono

we will activate your power,

align with infinite source, upgrade your paradigm + master the art of flow

1 on 1 Aura Fluff Sessions 


dealing with life challenges  

can be difficult and disorienting do we restore peace?

... how can we maintain balance + joy?


By choosing love and happiness;

living from our hearts and strengthening

our emotional intelligence


Earth is an unconditional Love school.

Let me share with you the techniques 

I have learned, to elevate emotional intelligence and calibrate hearts

to Love + above.

it can feel like a tough time to be an idealist
~  I am here to nurture with love + kindness, 

claiming good vibes that all may thrive!

may all beings live with peace + love!


"modern culture" can write this off as naïveté  ~ but this is not true!  it is more intelligent to structure our lives for happiness + bliss

than to get jaded+give up on it

I say:


"Cynics give up the future

that is ours for the making"


like many of you, I have lived thru painful challenges and dark nights of the soul..

I made a conscious decision to rise above +

live in love ... using this stress as a bless catalyst to learn + grow.


we have a brief life on this Earth

so lets support each other,

growing with Loveolution solutions

when times get rough we Aura Fluff!!
lets Fluff your goodness!!