* special offer for Love + Freedom *

Shamanatrix Missy Galore's

Love + Above Galactivation

hi Beautiful,  

 I appreciate all the beauty you are!!  

let me help you activate your heart * star 

so that you may live your best life yet ~*~ 

with love, peace, happiness, joy + respect!

My special offer to you: 

heart activating

Love + Above Galactivations!!!

Empower your wellbeing, self love

and inner peace with an energetic clearing that dissolves obstacles

and catalyzes insight. 

You recieve 2 unique hour long


targeting your heart vision with Loveolutionary empowerment!

we will : connect with you heart

                anchor your aspirations

                quantum fluff to clear what is stuck

                calibrate your love light

                channel your heart song

you will: clear your energy 

                activate your flow

                get a custom mantra to focus power

                learn strategies to live your truth            

Love + Freedom are yours for the making!

"when life gets tough, time to fluff ourselves up!"

 In these complicated times its more important 

than ever to recharge our hearts 

+ align with the light of love


Political volatility, shifting economy, ..

evolving families…

staying positive can feel unrealistic at times

yet happiness is our birthright!

Thats why I wrote this song FLUFF THE GOODNESS

its about emotional intelligence

and inner child empowerment

I can help you reclaim your joy and live your love! 

receive your personal

Love + Above Galactivation

2 hour long private video calls with Missy*

Love + Above Galactivation

standard rate  $216  

act now for the discount price of $144

a special offer for your

Love + Freedom Empowerment!

* both Galacvtivations must be scheduled

within a 1 month period to maximize

effectiveness and integration

of this vital information

that will recharge your heart

and empower your soul

with strategies + techniques

to live your life with

Love + Freedom


Workshops + Group Galactivations

also available

Contact me for more info:   Love@MissyGalore.com