Shamanatrix Missy Galore

Happy Valentines Day

Beaming Fluffy Love Your Way!!

           hi Beautiful!  Happy Love Season!!!

... I know Valentine's day is loaded for so many reasons...

from complex relationships and un met desires

to passionate adventures of twin flame fires ...

relationship at the core starts within our hearts

so I dedicate this moment to honor your soul spark

may you be nurtured and supported 

may self love flow effortlessly

thru out life's complexity

may kind, compassionate love

be truth for all!


this is also the anniversary of the Parkland School shooting 

a tragedy all to common .. with a silver lining

as it catalyzed people to unite + work for change!

the children involved did not remain stuck in their pain

but rather used it to catalyze hope + work for justice

although the solution is not complete it is still growing

this is a guiding light to not give up on life

an ultimate gift of unconditional love

to keep hope alive and strive above

obstacles and messy shit

so we stay true to our hearts

and live our bliss

with justice


I love you!


 Shamanatrix Missy Galore

Pollinating positivity with  music + art 

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of ancient wisdom in action.

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