Shamanatrix Missy Galore

Primal Healing Galactivation

+ trillions of things are going right ~ providing us the gift of life
use this insight to balance strife + delight

+ empower your soul to glow!

Equinox is a special moment for Earth

where the day and night flow equal dark / light for all of us here.

A cosmic time of balance it's an auspicious moment to calibrate our heart state. 

We all have to deal and heal from the extremes of experience that we live thru
returning to love in life is our birthright

While meditating on this during my trip to Earth's equator
I channeled this new medicine melody mantra
I am grateful to share with you ... here's a primal healing galactivation to fluff your vibration with inspiration
+ create an enjoyable flow state to nourish you

thru out this new cycle we're commencing.

Joined by a full moon today, this power portal is extra ripe ~*~
so please make sure to focus on delight as the seeds now planted
are what you will experience in the nows to come

beaming you love + cosmic hugs, Shamanatrix Missy Galore

Primal Healing Galactivation

lyrics by Shamanatrixx   mmmm#10 


Primal Energy Frequency

Modulating in 3D

Spectral blessings ementae 

the gift of life we co*create


Every cell wellVital + strong

in gratitude

we sing this song

of Healing


Feeling * Healing

Pollinating positivity with  music + art 

Shamanatrix Missy Galore empowers hearts


Offering Live Music Performances

Ecstatic Aura Fluffing workshops,

+ interactive art zones

Designer of SHAMANATRIX GalActivation Wear

where every item of clothing is a cosmic prayer

of ancient wisdom in action.

Available for custom GalActivations

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