Shamanatrix Missy Galore

PEACE GalactivationS

          Hi Beautiful!

Welcoming you with blossoming beauty as spring dances to life!

Here is some sweetness I'd love to share from my May life.

Wishing you clarity and kindness on your path of happiness cultivation!

Sending strength, protection + heart affection

Its a super critical time *

if you can donate to planned parenthood or SuperMajority 

please do so!! we need to stick together and protect our rights!!

~included below is my message video ~

live from our National day of action to ban the bans

~ standing for our right to choose

Now is the time to expand equality, equal pay and health care for all

~it is not acceptable to try to restrict our access to health care at all!!

love + cosmic hugs, SMG

OM Shanti Aum by Shamanatrix Missy Galore w/ MC YOGI + DJ Crisanto

grateful to shine some lines with MC YOGI + DJ Crisanto @Shakti Fest (may 2019)


a Peace Galactivation ~ OM Shanti Aum

singing resonant frequencies with the heart of creation ~ may all beings live in peace!

{ Shanti is Peace in Sanskrit ~ OM + AUM are primal sounds of creation }

this is extra sweet for me since we are performing on the Shakti main stage

which I decorated with my Cosmic Yum * SHAMANATRIXX tapestries, flowers + heArt**

* YAY * so so much fun!!

Giving thanks for everyone co.creating Loveolution!!

Here's an inspirational galactivation ~ the whole crowd dancing as 1 

as MC YOGI delivers the yum

MC YOGI  * Million PEACE Signs 

singing a million peace signs strong with inspirational song * MC YOGI ~ @ Shakti Fest

~*~ video by Shamanatrix Missy Galore


"Keep those hands waving * Wave them up high

I want to see a million peace signs in the sky"

MC YOGI + DJ Crisanto ~ thanks for your fun.omenal flow!!



prayer 4 the Cosmic Yum 

fun.o.menally I have been part of the Bhakti / Shakti Fest family since 2010

it is heart nourishing joy for me assisting the process

hosting as an MC + designing grace space Stage design + performing music

our space comes alive with talent and heart as our community unites time + again ~*~

I wish that everyone can know the joy and happiness we share here!!
may that sweetness radiate everywhere that all hearts live in love!!

Here are a few shots from set up to show

Gratitude to Solomon, Tanmayo, Adrian, Mirium, Jwalla,

Marco + Sharanam for helping to bring our stage to life

_SMG Shakti _missy mid main
_SMG Shakti _missy on lader
_SMG Shakti _zippi marco setting up
_SMG Shakti_Shamanatrix stage ~set up cr
_SMG Shakti_ jaya n ananda saraswati ban
_SMG Shakti_ Jud n little girl Mommy mes
_SMG Shakti_ swami kirtan_shamanatrix se
_SMG Shakti_  _saul david band
_SMG Shakti_ MC YOGI shamanatrix stage
-Shakti_2019 sri mc yogi jud +missy
_SMG Shakti _Jai from side stage
_SMG Shakti _Jai Uttal side stage  bass+
_SMG Shakti _Jai Uttal_stage from sound
_SMG Shakti _missy matthew chandra jacob
_SMG Shakti _SMG shamanatrix missy on th
_SMG Shakti _shamanatrix stage_missy glo

OM Shanti Aum* Peace Galactivation

lyrics by Shamanatrixx   Missy Galore


Shakti fest so bless So delicious

Bringing all the goodness so nutritious

activating energy OM SHANTI way

Galactivating love today



For the peace and the love and light we be

Blessing up the goodness for all humanity

Elevating the earth grid for all to thrive

Loveolution for all alive

Sharing all the goodness that we are with our whole Earth star

Activating hearts with loving sparks



I stand for


Shamanatrix Missy Galore


Missy Galore comes to you from the Land of Love having  performed internationally as a musician and artist.  

Including: The Guggenheim + Warhol Museums, The United Nations, The Berlin Biennial, Homelands UK, 

Moda Milano, PG2M Toulouse, France, Woodstock, Vigil 4 Peace + Ecology and many others.  

Winner of a Global Peace Song Award for her song Loveolution.

She also performed at, and is featured in the Sundance Film Festival award winning movie “We Live In Public"


As a Loveolutionary, Smile Stimulation is my vocation. 

I galactivate it with my musical performances and psychedelic devotional disco sating serenades.

I teach it in workshops, festivals + retreats ~ as Heart Yoga. 

 I cultivate it as an Event MC  (festivals, symposiums + private events) 

I serve it as ritual facilitator (Including rites of passage + legally ordained weddings)

I create it as experiential environments with set / stage Design + interactive Art installations


My unique techniques of Loveolution integrate science, spirituality, inner child empowerment + fun

as Heart Yoga; igniting the primal power of Ecstatic Aura Fluffing for self care and social justice.



Creator of SHAMANATRIXX Galactivation Wear ~ where every item is a cosmic prayer 

designed to align you with the Cosmic Yum, empowering your Loveolution.



Member of HeartMath Institute 

Resonance Science Foundation Delegate

Shamanatrix Missy Galore ~FB

@Shamanatrixx  ~Insta

for bookings call ~ 541.292.6666

please leave a voicemail + we will get back to you