Shamanatrix Missy Galore

time to play + celebrate every day

adventures + exploration is calling!!

watch galactivation video

🌸🌟✨LOVE to YOU from me in BRC

~ its a Burning HeART GaLactiVaTioN!!

Free form adventures are the way  

 we come together as peaceful society

I respect and cherish festivals for exampling

how life can be when we unite cooperatively


May this cycle spark a trillion hearts

with inspirational beauty


Seed the grid with each ecstatic awareness!

The vibes we create resonate Information,

lets use it for elevation✨🌈🌼Bliss life up

for the benefit of all creation!!


✨🌟🌸Beaming love + cosmic hugs 🌸🌟✨

XOXOX Shamanatrix Missy Galore

Shamanatrix Missy Galore


Missy Galore comes to you from the Land of Love having  performed internationally as a musician and artist.  

Including: The Guggenheim + Warhol Museums, The United Nations, The Berlin Biennial, Homelands UK, 

Moda Milano, PG2M Toulouse, France, Woodstock, Vigil 4 Peace + Ecology and many others.  

Winner of a Global Peace Song Award for her song Loveolution.

She also performed at, and is featured in the Sundance Film Festival award winning movie “We Live In Public"


As a Loveolutionary, Smile Stimulation is my vocation. 

I galactivate it with my musical performances and psychedelic devotional disco sating serenades.

I teach it in workshops, festivals + retreats ~ as Heart Yoga. 

 I cultivate it as an Event MC  (festivals, symposiums + private events) 

I serve it as ritual facilitator (Including rites of passage + legally ordained weddings)

I create it as experiential environments with set / stage Design + interactive Art installations


My unique techniques of Loveolution integrate science, spirituality, inner child empowerment + fun

as Heart Yoga; igniting the primal power of Ecstatic Aura Fluffing for self care and social justice.



Creator of SHAMANATRIXX Galactivation Wear ~ where every item is a cosmic prayer 

designed to align you with the Cosmic Yum, empowering your Loveolution.



Member of HeartMath Institute 

Resonance Science Foundation Delegate

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@Shamanatrixx  ~Insta

for bookings call ~ 541.292.6666

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