HaNdSoMe HeArT





** Please Note ** these clothes were designed on an external site.

When you click here, you are redirected to that site's

details + purchase page* @ "CowCow.com"  

to see the entire SHAMANTRIX Collection visit  www.CowCow.com/Shamanatrix

*the interface there is a bit confusing and I appologize for that ..

when you choose an item for review and purchase, 

you will see a "cutomize" button on the screen, though you can not customize my designs

..... this will take to you an unrelated part of this website ....

sorry about this .. it is part of the programming on the manufacture's webpage that I cannot remove

if this happens  ~*~ to return to the item you are interested in:

use the back arrow, start again from my webpage or browse cowcow.com/SHAMANATRiX