Galore FLuFF Wands

ECStatic aura fluffing

smile stimulation science


* by Shamanatrix missy galore * 

Cosmically created to FLuFF your vibration with smile stimulation for the

benefit of all creation!

Galore FLuFF Wands are heART made to

Move stuck energy with laughter and love

increasing wellbeing with sensual sweetness

Learn to anchor embodied awareness with expanded consciousness for enhanced vitality + optimum health

Add a personal FLuFF GalActivation Initiation with Missy Galore

to quantumly entangle with the COSMiC YUM of LOVEolution


Take a deep dive to thrive

Light Touch 3 session series

heal your heart + empower your LOVEolution

FLuFF Ring  


 classic FLuFF on an adjustable ring

to wrap around your fingers, twist in your hair or make a self standing base when placed on a surface

FLuFF Wand   

Galore FLuFF wand IMG_7881 copy.jpg

FLuFF Wand power totem

FLuFF Wandilero

FLuFF galore wand IMG_7894 copy 2.jpg

FLuFF Wand with extended tail action

for supreme wiggle, wonder and FLuFFication