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I specialize in songs * easy, fun to sing along

+ relatable to all ages: kids, adults & seniors


I hold 100% of the admin and creative rights

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this page has 3 playlists

2 for my pop / rock mastered tracks: 1 with lyrics, 1 of instrumentals

 1 for my new acoustic demo /songs in process                                      


all songs written, arranged + sung by me      

Loveolution *Pop * Rock Collection

Feel good * ready for prime time * joyful life * celebration vibe

Full Songs with Lyrics + Tracks


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Song descriptions listed right  


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Life Is What You Make


empowering Pop Rock anthem *strong guitar

“you /we can do it!” vibe

seize the moment * accept life’s irony

our perception makes our reality


Fluff the Goodness


Inspirational Pop feel good anthem

happy, encouraging

playful + silly

motivational inspiration




winner Global Peace Song Award

best Pop / Rock single

inspiring  / motivational / go team

call to action: be the change!

driving beat

* rap breakdown into synth solo


We R Love

Electro Pop Rock Anthem

vibe: celebrating life, 

unity with family

harmony with nature


Photon Gayatri


upbeat, Funky, driving Dance track

disco guitar, synth breaks

vibe: 'we are one with all of creation

feel good, life celebration song

lyrics combine science + spirituality 



starts simple voice, guitar + bass ~ no drums

builds into high energy, dance rock / pop

feel good, inspirational, unity vibes

great relationship song / happy life /

living with joy and gratitude * all is well


Fractals of Grace


starts slow + contemplative

then builds into driving dance beats

vibe: reverence for life, self + family

celebrating the beautiful unity of all  

lyrics combine science & spirituality


Love and Above


starts downtempo and thoughtful

builds into happy dance celebration

cool electro effects + filters on instruments

vibe: triumphing over obstacles, moving on

leaving behind problems / trauma / drama 

starting new, optimistic + open to possibility


Hemp is the Way!


hip hop / pop with spoken word lyric style

ecologically conscious art’ivist anthem for

industrial agriculture thats fun to bounce to

whether you care about the topic or not

Loveolution * Instrumental Tracks

Children of the Stars * acoustic demo

Songs of Unity * Resilience * Innocence * Joy


Family Fun * Sing Alongs * Great Messaging


Inspiration for the Inner Child in Everyone

Demo Tracks * Vocals with World Fusion, Pop Rock, Acoustic Instrumentation
featuring: Guitar, Tabla, Ngoni + Hand Pan Drum

Lyrics available within player   

Song descriptions below



Feel Good, Pop Rock with Sing Along Chorus

Vocals, Guitar, Tabla + Pan 

Celebration of love, friendship, unity + joy

Appreciation / Go Team / Yea Us!

Children of the Stars


Fairy tale, journey into tribal, primal Earth life

In spiritual connection to the Universe 

Mystic Folk * World Music * Galactic Lullaby 

Vocals with African Ngoni and Indian Tabla

Hypnotic / soothing / sweet 

Flow On


Contemporary Pop Rock, Fun Sing Along 

Vocals, Guitar, Tabla + Pan

Lyrically Flowing as Water, Air + Neutrinos

the Wisdom of the Elements guides our way

to go with the Flow emotionally

Great "na,na na" chorus, its inspiring to join in

Fluid / Driving /  Feel Good

Raise the Vibration


High Energy, Inspiration Anthem

Rock Pop, Vocals, Guitar, Tabla + Pan

Mature celebration of letting go

Joining together to choose a better path

Relief / End of suffering / Giving Thanks

Releasing what doesn't serve