Shamanatrix Missy Galore

​​​​​​​AMAZING NEWS!!!


✨💜🌟Thank U Bonoboville & Dr. Susan Block

        for this delicious accolation!!!🌟💜✨


I’m shocked with awe and tickled with glee

…. humbling and surreal this is to me...

I am dedicating it to the Great Mystery

Liberating all hearts to Love kind + free!!!


Thanks for sharing in this celebration!!


May all us beings find

the Sexy Shaman within

nourishing self Love

+ heart connection

quantumly entailed with

Self Arising YES

honoring every one of us

in our innate greatness!!


 I am grateful we give 

+ receive Love together!

May these good vibes

 resonate forever !!



beaming Love + Cosmic Hugs!!
Shamanatrix Missy Galore

Pollinating positivity with  music + art 

Shamanatrix Missy Galore empowers hearts


Offering Live Music Performances

Ecstatic Aura Fluffing workshops,

+ interactive art zones

Designer of SHAMANATRIX GalActivation Wear

where every item of clothing is a cosmic prayer

of ancient wisdom in action.

Available for custom GalActivations

*event MC *

* rites of passage * weddings*

for bookings call ~ 541.292.6666

+ leave a voicemail

we will get back to you