Missy Galore__Shamanatrixx COSMIC YUM ga

       greetings Gorgeous!

join me for the delicious debut of my

brand new healing technique

during my


zoom Galactivation


@ 1.:11 pm

life is better sharing love together!!

lets pollinate positivity

with music, art + wisdom of the He@rt 

in these challenging times 

its more important than ever 

we take the time to align heart + mind
give thanks +raise our vibration 

for the benefit of all creation

I am soul excited to share

this is a brand new offering

with YOU!!!

We are LOVEolution!! 

FREE reg

@ the link right here

lets bring in 2021 united in love

laughter + heart power 

xoxBless, Missy

Shamanatrix Missy Galore

welcome to our Loveolution!

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pollinating positivity with music + art

+ wisdom of the He@rt 

Live Music Performance

Video Art

Ecstatic Aura Fluffing workshops,

performances + interactive art zones


Cosmic Prayer Wear designs

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* legal weddings * rites of passage *

Custom GalActivations

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