Word 2 the FLUFF!!!
Glossary Galore
Shamanatrix Missy Galore's Fav Phrases


One serving the Primal Force of Creation

to elevate the matrix with Love, Compassion + Joy

Balancing the Masculine + Feminine

Shaman: Bridger of worlds, healer, serving community 

-trix:  Used to form feminine versions of adjectives 

One using music, intention, creativity + prayer to serve the living Love that is the Unified Field of Creation

for the highest benefit of all.

A Human Cosmic Communique Transducer

converting  frequencies of Loving Kindness

across Earth + Celestial scales + dimensions  

Co*creators of Cosmic Consciousness Culture nurturing Happiness, Health + Harmony for all

Fluff it!

Fluffing the Goodness in action

Intentionally directing Love, kindness + compassion

to yourself, a thought, situation, person or thing

Infusing darkness with light,

releasing stress + tension = increasing delight

Raise the vibration with smile stimulation,

love and gratitude of all

Fluff the Goodness

Calibrate + Focus on Love, Peace + Harmony 4 all.

Fluffing the Goodness is an inner child empowerment technique created to harness happiness 

in our hearts and communities

in celebration + calibration.

When times get tough we Fluff it up

to return to love + light,

healing hearts + restoring balance in life.

to Fluff is to embrace the dark + light of life in totality with unconditional love defining reality.  

Shamanatrix Missy Galore ~*~ cosmic light wisdon
Shamanatrix Missy Galore's  Fluff it!   logo icon tagline

Fluff it! in a field of Shamanatrix Cosmic Gravy Catchers 


the evolution of life as love

social transformation where kind love vibrations

are the focal point  of organization

heart centered, win win win win, sustainable abundance philosophy in action, 

to increase joy and satisfaction, intimacy,

community, love, respect + justice for all


Activation on a Galactic scale

An experience designed and developed to alter one's state into unity consciousness of joyful harmony
A causation so potently delicious, its impact is felt

in all scales + dimensions of existance:

from the heart of the observer to the heart of infinity

Exposure to an experience so profound, one is instaneously shifted from observer to participant 



unconditional love in action

a force of creation uniting all with the spark of existence

my favorite sub atomic particle, aka the graviton

the LoveOn’s charge creates the tug of angular momentum,

without which matter cannot form in 3D 

this charge is the same in all scales + dimensions of the Universe

its constancy is like the eternal hug of unconditional love

Shamanatrix Missy Galore's Rainbow Body Galactavation


Information designed to Fluff the Goodness

An appointment to Fluff the Goodness 

Communication /information to Fluff*Grade

a situation /system with beneficial enhancements

"Here is the Fluff*date"


Galactivation of Fluff

 A situation Fluff*grade

Manifestation of Fluff in action, process + formation

The state of condition of being Fluffed


Ring*tone by Shamanatrix Missy Galore

A musical flow designed to inspire happiness

every time your phone rings

A smile stimulation sonic sensation

Cosmic Hug

The cyclical exchange of the in + out Breathe

The spark of Life that creates + sustains all Creation

The feeling + rememberance that we are all 1

The comforting grace of interconnection


An improvement

Fluff*date with the Fluff*grade

An upgrade applied to a person, situation,

place or thing designed to Fluff the Goodness

"Great Fluff*grade, I like that way better!"


Art that contributes to the greater good

Using creativity to communicate with society

An Art'ivist believes in + uses the power of art

"I am grateful for the growth Art'ivism provides"

Cosmic Gravy

The nourishing essence of Creation

Vital life force energy 

Love, Prana, Chi, Qi, Shakti, Mana, Cosmic Juice

"Cosmic Gravy is flowing strong, I am revitalized""

Cosmic Wiggle

The undulation of Creation between manifest + unmanifest

A fun, simple excersize designed by Shamanatrix Missy Galore

to liberate stuck energy + maintain flexibility of Body + Spirit

"Mmmmm, I feel so fabulous doing my Cosmic Wiggle"


Joyful learning in action

Creative engagement to inform and familiarize

Fluffing vibration with information presentation

Entertainment that is Educational

Heart of Creation

The fundamental Love essence of Life         

Beyond the singularity of the Big Bang is the Primal flow

of Creation from which all SpaceTime emenates,

the Heart of Creation is that cosmic core.

Life force power

"Inspiration from the Heart of Creation is Fluffing my vibration with Peace + Love, I must make art + share it on"


Fantastically Fabulous

Fabulousness embodied + epitomised

The effervescent flow of fabulousness

The appreciation sensation of Fluff vibration



Heart centered     

Acknowledgement of our Heart's wisdom 

as the guiding principal of truth.

Our Hearts are the portal thru which we are

quantumly entagled with all of Creation

To Live Heart*core is to understand and act according

to your inner knowing as revealed by your Heart.

Heart Song

Living Love

The vital life force, primal flow of creation

Embodying and serving the principal of Love 

To Live in Love, one must live Heart*core +

 Fluff the Goodness for the greatest good of all

Love meditation for the highest good of all


Music created in resonant frequency with the Heart

A song written thru the stream of communication

from the Heart of Creation into a Human Heart

The truth of the Heart revealed

"Spirit smiles thru me in the truth of my Heart Song"

Medicine Melody

A song channeled from the Heart of Creation to Fluff

the vibration with nurturing inspiration, compassion + love.

Melodic tones, sounds + words that nourish the soul

Cosmic music Healers hear + share to uplift + assist

"That Medicine Melody soothes my heart + eases my mind"


Workshop offering that is Fun.

Learning thru Creative process + expression

Group activities designed to entertain + inspire

as they educate + inform

 "I am energized + empowered from that Playshop"


A performance dedicated to Spirit

Creative expression honoring Heart*core intention

Sacred formation of artistic inspiration

Offerings of entertainment + art in service to Living Love,

for the greatest benefit of all

Remote Fluff

A non.local Fluffication Galactivation 

Video chat with Shamanatrix Missy Galore

Act + process of sending beneficial Loving energy,

prayers + intentions to a person, place or situation

with the express goal of Fluffing the Goodness

A gift of Comfort, Compassion, Kindness + support 

 seeding the grid at the point of focus with nurturing Fluff

Psychedelic Devotional Disco

Heart*core Dance Music 

Inspirational incatations that Fluff the Vibration

Music of Peace, Love, Unity + Cosmic Connection

Positive messages for heart + mind with

delicious beats to get us grooving in time 

Retro Fluff

A non.linear Fluffication Galactivation 

An experience that fluff.grades energy across timelines

healing past wounds and improving connection to love

Act + process of sending beneficial Loving energy,

prayers + intentions to a person, place or situation from

your/ in the past, with the express goal of Fluff,grading

Seeding the grid of history with nurturing Fluff


Morally elevating Artistic expression in any medium 

Creativity championing Cosmic Unity Consciousness

Entertainment that is Spiritually uplifting

Visionary offerings that connects hearts,

increase  Peace + Love + Fluff the Goodness



Profound synchronicity 

Moment when people, places + things in life align

to reveal the interconnected of all creation

Experience of divine alignment

Time of overlapping orbits