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Shamanatrix Missy Galore's Quantum Crystal FLUFF Wand_sunset activation

about FLUFF

FtG: the Healing Modality
My Aura FLUFFing journey of LOVEolution

FLuFFing the Goodness is the

apocalypse fetish antidote

 to the epidemic of sadness

in modern madness. 


Greetings Gorgeous!

I'm Shamanatrix Missy Galore 

& FLUFFing vibration

with smile stimulation

is my vocation

Shamanatrix Missy Galore_yellow FLUFF Scepter_Crystal FLUFF Wand.jpeg

“Sometimes Life gets tough and treats us rough....

It feels messed up all caught in the yuck 

Thats why we have to FLUFF it up!”


I was a thriving art'ivist, living my best,

but that did not protect me from distress.


I began singing as music mediation

to help me heal from complex situations:

of Life threatening betrayal and the angst

of our world out of alignment  


During this process my song

FLUFF the Goodness streamed through,

 Empowering me with resilient truth: 

No matter our particular circumstance if Life,

 Happiness is our birthright!

Sharing this song grew into an activation

A ritual of fun, rainbow body galactivation

I created  FLUFF workshops to share the sensation, 

 of heart healing LOVEolution FLUFF the Goodness vibrations

Now I've created new power tools for you  

to empower you living your heart truth

the Crystal download in my lyrics came true!!

 with great excitement I introduce:


You can get your own power totem

at my FLUFFwands shop


Email me to book a Remote FLUFF video Galactivation

or invite me to share a Live FLUFF Activation


Sign up to my newsletter for

Heart Inspiration communications

 I am soul grateful You’ve joined me here, 

to FLUFF Your Aura crystal clear! 

May this humble initiation empower You in every way

 to Live Vibrant, Heart Centered, Healthy + Happy!!





                                                           Shamanatrix Missy Galore

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