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Shamanatrix Missy Galore's FLUFF workshop  Rainbow Body Galactivation

 Activate Your Bliss state with SMG's 

 FtG:  FLUFF  the Goodness

FLUFF Wands Workshop 

FtG: FLUFF the Goodness

with Shamanatrix Missy Galore

The Ancient Egyptians knew that to enter

 the fields of illumination in the After Life,

one’s heart could not weigh more than a feather.


In FLUFFing the Goodness this is our goal

Using emotional intelligence

+ spiritual alchemy

to maintain our Love Light

thru the ups & downs of Life.

 Learn to self calibrate and phase shift

✨  Activating: sustaining + maintaining

your Heart Bliss ✨💖✨


Catalyzing the creative spark in your Heart

we empower your inner super hero to play

Everyone gets to make their own

Cosmic Tech FLUFF Wand

to go forth &  

FLUFF the Goodness

forever more

Shamanatrix Missy Galore's COSMiC YUM emergence

Introducing Smile StimulationTechnology 

FtG: FLUFF the Goodness
* Workshop with

there are infinite ways to

FLUFF it up!

as long as its benevolent

sometimes life gets tough & treats us rough
it feels messed up all caught in the yuck
that's when we've got to

FLUFF it up!

FtG: FLUFFthe Goodness

with Shamanatrix Missy Galore 

          music video

my song that grew into

a healing modality 


writen, performed, produced + edited by me

it is my Life mission to FLUFF all hearts free

Calibrate Your Heart & Mind

to Align Loving & Kind

in the Galactic Resonance

of Harmonious CoCreation

when you

FLUFF it uP!


at  Shamanatrix Missy Galore's


Missy Galore FLUFF the Goodness workshop brings luminous Rainbow Love + Joy to Life



" I'm so full of Love

right now!  I've been

FLUFFed with goodness!


I've created this beautiful FLUFFing staff,

its called my FLUFFalope like a Jackalope, but for FLUFFing!!

I absolutely love it!

I'm excited to take this

into the world  &  

FLUFF the Goodness!

I love Shamanatrix Missy Galore & I am so grateful

to share this experience with her!

This was so amazing!

Thank you universe!

Thank you so much!

 I have goosebumps."


Los Angeles


" I feel enveloped by

warmth & light ...

I feel the world is a

beautiful place!

"  I love the way you

bring us together.

I love the way

you talk about it.

You have such a nice style to make us dream and believe

and be it,

be IN!

You are genuinely in it

and I thank you

for that!"



San Diego

“ It was beautiful!

 I got FLUFFed!!


My friend made

a FLUFFer  &

he had me

make a wish.


Then he FLUFFed

and did a little dance

and you know,

I can see that wish

coming true!


I am seeing magic

in this FLUFFer!

Thanks for sharing your

FLUFF with us!





Shamanatrix Missy Galore's Chakra FLUFF galactivation workshop

to FLUFF:   is to greet your breath as a cosmic hug

nourishing you on your mission of love!

Even though we face challenge and strife,

We all deserve happiness in this Life!

healing Hearts with


Aura FLUFFing

is our solution 

Shamanatrix Missy Galore Heart Bliss FLUFF activation_hands up Y like Yum
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