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Shamanatrix Missy Galore's
 Action News selects

Fluffing the Goodness
@ the U.N. on CNN

"the Guru's gift: Staying calm in a world of chaos"

".... I return to the UN to attend a "Conversation on Yoga for Health,... 

A woman... calls herself a "Shamanatrix" and is in the business of promoting a "Love.o.lution." 

She hands me an "aura fluffer" wand, colorful feathers connected to a looped pipe cleaner. By waving it around my head and body, she shows me, I can offer myself kindness and compassion.  She hopes it will make me smile. 

It does; I can't stop grinning.


  ....These past few days have reminded me: What I need is already inside me.

So with my "aura fluffer" in hand, I walk back onto the city streets, where I stop

at every red light, stand still, smile and breathe."

by Jessica Ravitz

Global Peace Song Award Winner

Best Pop Rock Song: Love*o*lution

Whole Life Times Music Review

"... her catchy, electronica-inspired positivity “Fluff the Goodness” is a suggestive little 

hip-hop-esque number where Galore reminds listeners to accentuate the positive; 

a message we all need during this divisive, endlessly negative campaign season."


by Neal Broverman

Fluffing the Goodness on ABC 

he.ART.'ist profile on CUNY TV 

 Life Changes interview

Shamanatrix Missy Galore Interviewthe Life Changes Show
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the Golden Age Music Show feature 

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