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Love Light Water
by Shamanatrix Missy Galore
lyric  video + music video shoot info 4wed. AUG 30

Love Light Water *lyric video*

Greetings Gorgeous!
THANKS 4 being so

YOU r invited to my
music video shoot
Wednesday Aug 30th
on our second FULL MOON of August
1 pm to 1 am
@ the Goddess Temple of Ashland

its a day into night delight
starting in the magic meadow ~ HQ check in zone by the kitchen ~
we'll film our unified fun from both the 
Land + Sky

several daytime scenes
culminating with a late nite
 soak 11~1am
under the full moon light together

friends + cosmic family welcome!
calling all tr*be who v*be
in un*f*ed LOVE

*please rsvp*
Missy 917.701.4454

make it for the whole time or come for a spell
let me know what's good for your flow
so I can plan well

Come dressed in


* Gorgeous as U Glow *

ready to add layers or costume change

for day into night


going in & out of the water

in afternoon + evening

may the Lyric Video inspire


if you are inspired to share a specific 

offering move /gesture

by yourself or in a small pod

please let me know 

its going to be a

FLUFFIng fabulous

Co Creation!!

give thanks!!!!



xox, Missy

Special Thanks to Founding Priestess Graell Corsini &

The Goddess Temple for hosting

this sacred prayerformance

Love Light Water


We r Love

We r Light

We r Water

We r in 3D Life


thank you Mama Earth, for birthing US

in gratitude we are your stardust

mixed with water into human form

so our love can be reborn


may the Love we share radiate everywhere 

from the singularity to infinity


Love You! Luv U! Family!!!

Gratitude + bless it be

All Creation = 1 LOVE


may the Love we share

radiate everywhere 

from the singularity to infinity


                  Shamanatrix Missy Galore

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