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Fluff the Goodness 

Workshops + Galactivations



feedback on the FLUFF

"Thank you for bypassing my head and

going straight to my heart."   Evan 



"Missy Galore you are a beautiful inspiring Goddess!

Thank you for your magical rhymes and songs

and for your free spirit. 

Your presence touched my heart.

I will always remember you.

Namaste sister."   Sim Ka



"...the more you fluff it, the better the vibe

...singing it all day, thank you for all your

lovely fluffy sharing light!"   Shelli



"Your voice is enchanting,

thank you for continuing to bless people's ears

with your love. I love you!"   Brit 



"You are so awesome!

You made the experience so very special

with your beautiful free flowing melodic words.

So much love and respect!  

Insert inner piece sign here. ♥ "  Noah



"Beloved Missy, You are the butterfly, the petals, the pollen,  

You add color to life with your vibration. 

My life is blessed through knowing you."  Sarina