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Portal to the New Earth Galactivation!

Dear friends, life is sooo much better when we Fluff 2gether!!

Gratefully Galactivated from our Portal to the New Earth Festival!!

Thanks to all who made it out to the magical mountains of Joshua Tree!!

Smiling faces and hugs everywhere!!! YUM!!!

The land is majestic and made me feel like a little creature ready to meet dinosaurs in the giant boulder gardens.

Things had been feeling very petal to the metal competing the album,

launching my SHAMANATRIXX collection ~ its invigoratingly inspirational

.... with ... a lot of learning as I go

and surrendering into the beginners minds in this manifestation process

Birthing the nexxt wave of SHAMANATRIXXness, its intense

~*~ so the opportunity for us to join together in love was the inspiration sensation I needed to get back into my heart and we.member why I am here = to give and receive love!!!

Hopefully I will soon have some fabulous footage to share from our Psychedelic Devotional Disco concert + Gayatri Galore Galactivation

Cosmic hugs <3

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