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WIN WIN ViSiON Galactivation

WiN WiN ViSiON starts with a decision✨ to move beyond division ✨ into cooperative precision✨that heals indecision + the stalemate of positions ✨obsessed with competition✨into caring coalitions✨

give and take is not submission ✨ Its the great work of recognition that we are stronger together✨channeling our energy into constructive outcomes ✨✨✨💙✨❤️✨💜✨✨

some say no matter what the election result 50% of the people will be unhappy because we are a nation divided

…but to me ... this is very short sighted !!! this hyper judgmental attitude isn't our only choice

so I am humbly writing this to use my voice to promote the choice of:


Politics is a sacred trust ~ its been maligned far too much

Its the complex work of stewarding our collective,

structuring of our society so all are empowered and protected


while we all experience frustrations around things we wish would change

Its up to us to participate to actualize these gains

I believe in our evolution ~ growing LOVEolution Soulutions

cooperating for the benefit of all Its the LOVEolution call:

“We are the love and the light that creates the shift on the planet we’re here to make!

The more we come together + help each other thrive = the more Happiness for all Beings Alive"

Time to move beyond the seeming chaos & let LOVING KINDNESS be Boss

So here’s a FLuFF to heal the pain of our nation’s political game

I will not give up on our evolution ..even when some stoke flames of division

it does not distract from my soul mission


✨Awakening LOVEolution✨💜✨

I know some of you are very unhappy with this now ...perhaps you voted for trump

...perhaps you don’t even vote at all, because you are so fed up..

I admit.... the workings of this world are bizarre to me ? why all the suffering and inequality ?

~ but ~

when I enter into meditation

what spirit sings thru my heart

is to Keep shining the light of LOVE

& be

the Pheonix from the ashes rising above

Lets use our hearts and brains to up the game with more Joy + Justice for All!

💜 United We Stand, divided we fall 💜

No matter how separate we seem to be We are interconnected inextricably

Thousand of souls touch our lives every day ~ even when we spend time alone we cannot get away.... All who made our clothes, our food, our roads and technology ~ the homes we live in & on and on and on

We have much more in common than we realize!!

Please accept this invitation to rise above the complications


be the change we wish to see in the World

Growing ever more into a Society that works for All

Valuings All of LIFE

Human + otherwise

💙❤️💜 as much as possible, lets choose WIN WIN VISION 💜 ❤️💙

💜 ❤️💙✨✨YES!!!! ✨💜 ❤️💙

✨ My idealism maintains!!!! ✨✨✨💙✨❤️✨💜✨✨

✨✨✨💙✨❤️✨💜✨✨ Viva LOVEolution!! ✨✨✨💙✨❤️✨💜✨✨

✨✨✨ ✨✨✨ ✨✨✨ ✨✨✨ ✨✨✨ ✨✨✨ ✨✨✨ ✨✨✨

💙❤️💜✨XOX Bless, Shamanatrix Missy Galore ✨✨✨💙✨❤️✨💜✨✨


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